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Practice Exams

Access online practice tests to focus on your weak points. Practice Exams are provided for specific categories OR take a master exam.
Learn the reasoning behind each answer with clear explanations and retake the exam as many times as you want!

Online Videos

Our expert real estate teacher will show  you important concepts in a fun, unique, and easy-to-understand format.
We’ve categorized the videos to make it easier to find what your searching for and new videos are added each month.

Flashcards and Worksheets

Flashcards and Worksheets are the fastest way to learn important terms you will come across on your real estate exam. 
They are designed to help you break down definitions for a quick review. 

Lesson Plans 

Do not get bogged down reading the real estate textbook. Use the 10-minute lesson plans to learn real estate the Cram Exam way. If you come across a word that you are unfamiliar with then we have a built-in dictionary for quick understanding. 

Designed to Help You Learn 

There are different types of learning styles: Visual, Reading, Writing, Auditory, and Logical. With this in mind, we have created lessons and practice exams that will help everyone learn at their own pace and technique. 

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Online Videos

Our real estate rockstar, Kayla, will teach you need-to-know concepts in a unique and engaging way. Do not worry about getting lost in the jargon that is in your real estate book. These animated videos will make the book come to life with practical applications. 
The videos are caterorized to make it easier to access the exact one that you are looking for and new videos are added each week to keep you up to date on any changes that are made to the exam. 

Practice Exams

Do not waste your time on the concepts that you have already mastered. Instead, use the practice exams to understand your strengths and weaknesses so you are able to use your time wisely to study your weak areas. The format of the practice exams are designed to mirror the real exam so you are familiar with the test before you even arrive! 

Flashcards and Worksheets

Repetition is proven by decades of research to be one of the best ways to improve memory performance. Because of this, flashcards and worksheets are one of the best ways to remember a concept from scratch. Applying this learning method ingrains it to memory so you are less likely to forget on test day! 

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“I almost paid twice this price on a different program. I cannot believe all the material I was able to use with Cram Exam. I ended up passing my real estate exam on the first try! ”

Hailey J.

“There are not many sites that have practice exams for brokers. I passed my real estate exam years ago, but really needed a refresher before taking my broker exam. I am so glad that I found this site. ”

Josh J.

“I’ve always had a hard time studying from a book. I can honestly say that the reason that I passed my test was because of the video lessons and flashcards on Cram Exam.  ”

Andrew R. 

Our Awesome Founder

Kayla Ferris

Founder of Cram Exam

Kayla was in the real estate business for several years before going back to earn her brokers license. After struggling to find a website that provided study guides for aspiring brokers she knew there needed to be a change. She wanted to provide a website that had affordable options for all learning types to better prepare agents and brokers. 

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